The Trial of Socrates

In today's Spolight on RLA, we focus on our Fifth and Sixth Grade and their presentation of the Trial of Socrates. We are very grateful to Mrs. Suzanne Richard, the Fifth and Sixth Grade teacher, for providing us with further explanation and thoughts on Classical Education!

Classical Education provides the students with an opportunity to completely investigate a topic on many levels of understanding and so it supports true knowledge.

Today, the students in Fifth and Sixth Grade presented the Trial of Socrates. Using many resources this year, the students read about the history of Ancient Greece: its people, religion, geography, and government. They also studied many famous people from Ancient Greece, including Socrates. They learned that he was put on Trial and convicted because he had a different idea than the people of his time.

The Classical Classroom allowed for the multidisciplinary discussion of the Trial of Socrates. The students had the opportunity to write and present their own arguments on the tolerance of one who had a different idea. They were able to share their understanding with our school community through a dramatic presentation.

Only when you truly understand something can it be communicated with others. It was clear to all present that the students knew their subject. Classical Education allows me, as their teacher, to guide our students to true knowledge because it provides me with great Curriculum, books, small class sizes, and time for in depth discussions of the facts presented.

The students and I both enjoy finding creative ways for them to show the fruits of their education. We hope that it was enjoyed by all!

In case you are curious, all students, faculty and parents present were given the opportunity to vote "Innocent" or "Guilty" at the end of the trial. At the end of the day, the RLA verdict was announced-Innocent!