Virtue makes you sparkle!

Regina Luminis Academy is blessed to host a club that allows girls to gather each week for fitness, formation, and of course, fun! FollowHers was created by our very own Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Jessica Chominski, who also serves as the lead moderator.

The club was started as a way to help our young women find affirmation in their God-given beauty and self-worth while growing in strength and virtue. Each session begins with a warm up before the girls head out for the day's workout. The group then meets inside for instruction and discussion on that week's particular virtue, accompanied by a treat baked by Mrs. Chominski!

At a time in their lives when society is presenting a certain view of how these girls should look and act, FollowHers is providing our young ladies with a true and joyful vision of all that is available for them as Daughters of God.

Most likely inspired by the delicious treats that they enjoy at each session, the club decided to hold their own Mardi Gras Bake Sale to raise money for group tee-shirts. Many very talented bakers donated their finest baked goods such as chocolate cupcakes with googly eyes, the delicious Reese Family Kettlecorn, and the World Famous Burdett Family Seraphim cupcakes.  The FollowHers proudly worked the bake sale during their lunch and recess periods and their smiling faces made the most sales.

Mrs. Chominski commented, "We witnessed the hidden talents of many of our girls from marketing the sale with beautiful home made signage, leadership through advertising the baked goods with vivid descriptions and recommendations and of course, our financially savvy cashiers!"  

The girls sold out of many of the treats and are confident that they raised enough funds to be able to buy those tee-shirts and demonstrate our pride in the school and how Virtue Makes you Sparkle!